Plastic Pipe

We stock schedule 40 PVC and its fittings, as well as CPVC and its fittings for hot water. Also available are 4" thin-wall drain pipe and 4" corrugated drain tile.

Metal Pipe

We sell black iron, galvanized steel, and copper pipe in various diameters by the foot or in 10-foot lengths. We also offer a wide selection of adapters and fittings for all your piping needs.


PEX plastic tubing is the modern alternative to PVC, CPVC, and copper pipe. It's flexible and more cost-effective, and you can get it and all the fittings you need here at Standish Jones.


SharkBite is the easiest way to join copper, CPVC or PEX pipe in any combination – with no soldering, clamps, or glue. Visit Standish Jones to try SharkBite today!


Everything you need to repair a toilet:

- Closet Flange
​- Wax Bowl Gasket
​- Toilet Bolts
​- Water Supply Line
​- Shutoff Valve
​- Tank Gasket
​- Flapper
​- Fill Valve
​- Ballcock
​- Flush Valve
​- Flush Lever
​- Toilet Seat
​- Hinge Bolts​


Everything you need to repair a sink:

- Faucets
​- Replacement Handles
​- Replacement Sprayers
​- O-Rings
​- Faucet Seats
​- Springs
​- Faucet Stems
​- Sink Strainers
​- Sink Stoppers
​- Pop-Up Assembly
​- P-Trap
​- S-Trap
​- Tailpiece
​- Waste Arm
​- Flange
​- Water Supply Line
​- Plumber's Putty
​- Pipe Thread Compound
​- Teflon Tape