The Story of Spider and Spooky

One fine fall evening about fifteen years ago, a brownish grey tiger cat strolled through the open front door of Standish Jones Building Supply, made friends with the people working there, ate the food they offered him, and strolled out again. Everyone was delightedly amazed when he returned the next day with his petite, long-haired sister. He was looking out for her like a good brother should; he brought her to where the people were nice and the food was plentiful. Customers and employees alike fell in love with both of the friendly felines. The girl cat was especially popular because of her soft, fluffy fur. It was the end of October and Standish Jones was hosting their famous Haunted House at the time, so it was decided the cats should be given Halloween names. So, the boy cat was named Spider and his sister Spooky.

Since then, Spider has been the chief resident cat of the lumberyard, sometimes getting into scraps with the community cats, resulting in his torn and scarred ears. Now he is older and stiffer, though, so he can most often be found lying on the front steps, basking in the sun, or, in the winter, warming his paws on the credit card machine on the counter. Most everyone loves to come in and pet Spider, who is pretty laidback. Even people who claim to hate cats say that Spider is the coolest cat they know.

Spooky is very tolerant of being petted and held and even carried around like a baby. It doesn’t take much to get her purr motor running. She can be skittish around men, though, and she rarely goes outside, unlike her brother. She likes to sleep upstairs in the Always Christmas store, or hang out with the employees in the air-conditioned office. Her favorite activity is to be brushed and she adores crunchy treats. She is good at picking out-of-reach places to curl up, and can sometimes be found sleeping way up high on a shelf.

Spider and Spooky always enjoy getting special attention and making new friends. Stop in and visit them sometime!​​


Smoky's Story

It was a chilly grey evening in November of 2012. A dirty, skinny, splotchy grey cat came through the front door with some customers who had come to shop in the Christmas store. They had assumed it lived here along with the other cats. It paced around, sniffing everything and meowing loudly. The cashier, being a cat lover like many on the Standish-Jones crew, took pity on the creature and slipped it some kibble. Almost immediately, the cat decided that this was going to be its new home.

Management had other ideas, however. Three cats is one too many. And so a week-long battle ensued, where the scrawny cat would be firmly placed outside and it would run right back in again with the next customer. The cycle continued until the boss (yet another cat lover) agreed the cat could stay as long as Spider and Spooky didn’t mind. They minded a little at first, but after a short period of adjustment, they learned to get along just fine.

The cat acquired the name Smoky. But since Smoky was a little malodorous, she adopted the alias “Stinky.” She patiently endured a bath and flea treatment, after which she was less stinky. She visited the veterinarian right away and got up-to-date on her shots. They estimated her age at no more than two years old at the time. Later, she went to be fixed at Save-a-Pet, but they discovered she had already been spayed! So apparently Smoky had had a previous owner, which wasn’t all that surprising because she was friendly from the first.

Smoky has added new life to the cat scene at Standish-Jones. She is young and frisky, often spending her mornings chasing Spooky around and over the counter. Her favorite thing by far is to hang out in the office with Kevin, sleeping comfortably on his lap while he works on the computer. Unlike Spider and Spooky, Smoky doesn’t care for cat treats, but she sure loves her food! She is still a little skittish around kids, but when she is downstairs in the store, she almost always allows customers to pet her gently.


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Robin Robson
Thu, 19th June, 2014< I live on Royalton Ctr Rd and have added a feral cat to my home of two other cats that have never given me any trouble . The feral cat named Coal keeps getting into the dropped ceiling in my basement, as, the new tenants in the duplex next door have un spayed females and all my cats are neutered males, he keeps ripping out insulation to get to them, I was wondering if you carry double sided tape about the width of duct tape so that I can put it on the areas where he gets in, HELP! I can be reached at Many thanks in advance for your help.

Talk of the Town Shout-Out, by Spider
Wed, 7th August, 2013

Today we spoke with the very kind, very beautiful owner of Gasport's favorite diner, The Talk of the Town, who said she would love to help us with Change for Cats, our mission to spay/neuter the feral cats in the lumberyard. Since a lot of those cats hang out at the restaurant, her willingness to help is really awesome.

We've also got some neighbors on board, and our customers have very graciously been donating their spare change to the effort. Pretty soon we'll have a date set for the actual trapping.

We'd like to thank everyone who is contributing to Change for Cats, even in the smallest way, and a special thank you goes to Talk of the Town!

I'm the Favorite, by Spooky
Thu, 25th April, 2013

Today Miss Emily came in to work an entire hour later than she usually does, and we were vexed. We expect to be fed breakfast promptly at eight o'clock. Today our bowls were empty until nine! But she brought us some delicious turkey and giblets Fancy Feast, and served us each a whole can, so we forgave her.

Other than that trauma, I have been fairly content with life, lately. Yesterday Miss Erica brushed me until I was as soft as down. My long hair would be difficult to keep up, as it gets matted pretty easily, but the girls comb me often. It's obvious that I'm the favorite.

And why wouldn't I be? I'm beautiful, gentle, and intelligent, among other praiseworthy qualities too numerous to list here. Anyway, I wouldn't want to make the others feel bad. It's not their fault they can't compete with a fabulous feline like me.

Smoky the Squeaky Wheel, by Smoky
Mon, 18th March, 2013

I got in trouble today for chasing Spooky up and down the stairs. I was just having fun, but I guess she wasn't too happy about it. So I went outside and explored for a while. But it's still pretty cold out there, so it wasn't long before I came back in.

Now I'm just hanging out in the office, curled up on Kevin's lap - my favorite place in the world. But all is not completely well...

I can feel a little hunger monster growing in my stomach. In a little while it will be time for me to go look in my bowl and see if any food has appeared there. And if not, I will meow and pester every person who walks past me until they feed me! The squeaky wheel gets the grease, as they say. Or, in this case, the louder meow gets the kibble.